Monday, June 13, 2011

A Case For Cain

A blog from the Tea Party Express' own, Lloyd Marcus:

Upon the election of Obama, Al Sharpton was asked, “Will the election of a black president confirm that America is no longer a racist country?” In a nutshell, Sharpton replied “No”.

What Sharpton really meant was, “I ain't lettin' white America off the hook that easy. Promoting that blacks are eternal victims of a racist America has been an extremely profitable GREAT GIG over the years. I'm not gonna let a little thing like facts which prove otherwise, stop me from getting' paid.”

Well, despite Sharpton, so-called “civil rights” race exploitation organizations and the liberal media, America has come a long ways baby in regards to “race relations”.

As a matter of fact, as a black man myself, we are actually “in vogue”. Some would say I should feel good about it, but I do not. I long for an America where politicians do what is best for ALL Americans and not pander to any perceived strong voting bloc. As for hiring practices, I believe the most qualified person should get the job...period.

Desperate patriots, wringing their hands in fear, have come to me saying, “Herman Cain MUST be our republican presidential nominee because only another black guy can defeat Obama”.

Wow, who would have ever thought it would come to this; gotta go with the black guy because “black is in”?

Similar to an old time traveling evangelist, Frantz Kebreau is a fine young extremely articulate black conservative, traveling the country passionately preaching his gospel of ending “Identity Politics”.

I could not agree more with Kebreau. I want the best candidate in the White House regardless of race or gender.

Having said that, I believe Herman Cain would be awesome for America.

As former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, Cain is heralded for his extraordinary work saving the failing company. He is also former president of the National Restaurant Association. Cain is obviously a gifted businessman, well armed with common sense solutions to bring America's terminally ill economy back from the brink, courtesy of Obama-nomics.

President Obama views America's economy as a tool to implement social justice, reward his friends, punish his enemies and control our lives. Dear Lord, we have got to vote this despicable man out in 2012.

President Cain would reverse Obama's “liberal utopia fantasy land” anti-business policies.

But, the main reason I believe America needs Herman Cain is his character. Wow, why does that sound so corny?

Could cynicism be the after effect of a U.S. president receiving oral sex by an intern in the Oval Office; a politician using a government driver and vehicle to retrieve bribe money stashed in his freezer during hurricane Katrina and a politician awarded his own TV show after being exposed as a prostitute's client number 9? Have these behaviors by politicians, to name only a few, dumbed down our expectations?

Remember how the liberal media and the Clinton administration covered for him saying any red blooded American male would have accepted a “Lewinsky” from a young woman if given the same opportunity as Bill Clinton?

Think about that folks, they indited your pastor, soccer coach, teacher, father, brother and etc.; in essence saying ALL men are characterless dogs.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Cain or any other candidate is perfect. My point is unquestionably, the bar for standards of behavior in America has been lowered.

Herman Cain carries an air of class, honor and respectability of bygone days which strengthens my confidence that Herman Cain can be trusted to do what is best for America.

I know. I know. Cain got stuck on the question regarding “right of return” in the Arab/Israeli conflict during a TV interview. Thus, you question his knowledge of foreign policy.

Well once again, this is where Cain's character is crucial.

Folks, no candidate knows everything about every issue. This is why presidents have “advisors”. For crying out loud, Obama thinks we have 57 states. Even more scary, Obama is familiar with “right of return” and still came out on the wrong side of the issue against Israel, our ally.

This is why America needs a character driven Commander and Chief like Herman Cain, who once briefed on an issue, will do the right thing.

Also, Cain has no problem or fear about “takin' it to Obama” by challenging his socialist agenda and horrific record which I believe is extremely vital to defeat Obama in 2012.

Recently, I raved about Sarah Palin. While not formally endorsing anyone, I am simply commenting on candidates who I believe possess the “right stuff” for the job of restoring America.

A highly respected tea party activist and former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, I affectionately call Herman Cain Godfather of the Tea Party.

I like Cain so much, I wrote a jingle about him. Enjoy!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Vice Chair,


  1. I heard Lloyd's title is actually with

  2. You make a good case. I like Mr. Cain. he seems like a great prospect. However I like a Palin/Cain ticket better! Also, trying to make sure as many folks as I can reach read this article and pass it on!!! 10 years after 9-11 our government officials are acting more "stupidly" that is believable!!!

    It's actually the more terrifying aspect of the Weiner fiasco.

  3. A 4th of July Message from … We the People | Almost 10,000,000 Views! | by Nospopulus |@ YouTube.

    We have a criminal and forger in the White House:

    I Believe The Fix Was In for the 2008 Election and The Cover Up is Still Going Strong and Has Created The Perfect Storm for a Constitutional Crisis!

    We need strength in numbers to bring this constitutional crisis to a head. You can provide those numbers. When is your organization going to speak out on the criminal, fraud, and forger in the White House?

    CDR Charles Kerchner (Ret)

  4. Instead of telling us what "Sharpton really meant", why don't you just present what he actually said? We can figure it out for ourselves.

  5. I was at one of the first Teaparty rallies in Orlando Florida where Mr. Marcus performed and spoke to the crowd. As we all know, we are at a VERY critical passage in politics and I'm confused. Herman Cain's 999 plan is not good for any of us according to Michelle Bauchman. WE MUST FIND THE RIGHT CANDIDATE TO REPRESENT THE TEAPARTY ON PUSH THAT PERSON NOW!!!