Monday, September 26, 2011

Obama's 'Hate the Rich' Campaign

A message from Tea Party Express' own, Lloyd Marcus:
In his so-called jobs speeches, Obama exploits class envy shrouded in fairness.  President Obama continues to escalate his divisive assault on achievers, purposely pitting Americans against each other.
Obama's "Hate the Rich" campaign appeals to our lower nature and encourages the sin of covetousness.  If Obama's despicable campaign proves successful, it will be a sad commentary about who we have become as a people and how far we have fallen as Americans.
It angers me that Obama and his minions in the liberal media have put achievers, risk-takers, on the defensive.  It angers me that Obama's followers think that they are entitled to the fruit of someone else's labor.
Americans are extremely generous and willing to help people in need, domestic and foreign.  But no one is entitled to share in the bounty resulting from someone's risk, blood, sweat, and tears.  Any government which confiscates and redistributes wealth is immoral and evil.
God has designed life so that success requires backbone -- in other words, taking risks.  Playing it safe profits very little.  God's system is anathema to liberals.  They strive to achieve "equal outcomes" or "fairness," as they describe it, via legislation and redistribution.
Mary and I fed seagulls at the beach by throwing crackers on the sand close to us.  Upon calculating the risk, seagulls moved in close and fed.  Two bold seagulls feasted on crackers by feeding directly from Mary's hand.  Then there were the seagulls who were too fearful to come close enough to retrieve any crackers.  Interestingly, the cowardly seagulls screamed in frustration and even attacked the bold seagulls who were enjoying the rewards of their risk-taking.
If a majority of Americans have become spineless, lazy, and envious seagulls, demanding that the government take from the courageous to give to them, then the spirit of America is dead.
Quite frankly, the entitlement mindset turns my stomach.  My mom worked as a domestic cleaning white folks' homes.  My dad was one of the first blacks to break the color barrier into the Baltimore Fire Dept.  My parents were hardworking Christians and honorable people.  My four younger siblings and I were not taught that anyone owed us anything.  Today, we are all successful, responsible citizens.
I suspect that the mentality of my parents was typical of most Americans in the 1950s.  Charities and churches assisted the poor before government replaced daddies (President Johnson's War on Poverty) in 1964, enslaving the poor to a cradle-to-grave dependency on government solely to secure Democrat votes.  This strategy continues to devastate the black family; over 70% of black babies are born out of wedlock.
Blacks progressing from being brought to America as slaves to a black man being voted leader of the free world epitomizes the godliness and greatness of America.  And yet, Obama and company, displaying a severe lack of character, relentlessly play the race, victim, and class envy cards, designed to divide Americans to further the Obama administration's socialistic agenda.
Great leaders appeal to their followers' higher nature, inspiring them to dig deeper into their souls and soar higher than they thought possible for themselves.  America's first president, George Washington, was such an inspirational leader.
As an American who happens to be black, I was badgered, "Lloyd, you should be delighted by the historical context of America electing it's first black president."  I was not.
Feeling like a lone voice crying in the wilderness, I dared to follow the instruction of an extraordinary leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Therefore, I judged Barack Hussein Obama by the content of his character rather than the color of his skin.
Obama's admitted plan to "spread the wealth around" and his anti-American associations told me that he was the wrong man to lead the greatest nation on the planet.  Obama's divisive, dictatorial, and bullying behavior has proven me correct.
Our president is nothing more than a Chicago thug community agitator stirring up discontent, inspiring racial hatred and hatred for achievers.  The bottom line of every Obama speech regarding the economy is you have too little because those guys have too much.
Obama's approach is non-presidential, totally low-rent, appealing to our lower nature, and totally despicable.  Lord help us.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated AmericanCo-Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tea Party Express V: Black Activist Not Lynched!

A message from Tea Party Express' own, Lloyd Marcus:

Rep. Andre Carson, Congressional Black Caucus member said some in Congress would “love to see us as second-class citizens” and “some of them in Congress right now of this tea party movement would love to see you and me ... hanging on a tree.”

Despite members of the CBC attempting to rally the black and white guilt votes via despicable false charges of racism against the tea party which includes a ridiculous claim that the tea party wishes to see blacks lynched, the tea party continues to grow.

We are winning!

As a black tea party activist overwhelmingly embraced by my fellow patriots across America who are white, I boldly proclaim the CBC to be a vile bunch of race baiting thugs who have sold their souls and the well being of black America for a seat at their progressive Massa's table of liberalism.

I am on my fifth Tea Party Express national bus tour. Every tour feels like a family reunion teeming with hugs from old and new patriots.

This is why I am so angered by the CBC's sleazy evil efforts to disparage the decent hard working good people who are active in the tea party.

The liberal media are culpable in their support of assisting the CBC to drive a stake into the heart of the relationship between black and white Americans.

When one of us kids supported wrongdoing, my dad use to say, “You may not have participated, but you held the Devil's coat”. The liberal media is without a doubt holding the CBC's coat; offering very little criticism of a CBC member's over-the-top inflammatory claim that the tea party wants blacks lynched.

And, the liberal media has the audacity to wonder why mobs of black youths are attacking whites around the country. In their reporting about the “flash mobs”, the liberal media refuses to mention the elephant-in-the-living room racial component; that the mobs are blacks attacking whites.

The liberal media dignifies the CBC's unfounded allegations of racism by constantly pressuring the tea party to prove them untrue. The burden is not on the tea party to prove we are not guilty. We must not and will not allow racist divisive evil scoundrels to call the shots.

If God be for us, who can be against us.” Romans 8:31

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Co-Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

NAACP and Black Ministers Betrayal of Blacks

A message from Tea Party Express' own, Lloyd Marcus: 

Are you folks as sick of reading my articles on this topic as I am writing about it? Just as Ronald Reagan said to Jimmy Carter during the 1980 debate, I say to the NAACP, “Well, there you go again”; more distortions, lies and tired old, “we shall overcome” 1950's rhetoric.

Tragically, this once great organization has been hijacked by far left radical America hating socialists. Thus, the NAACP is relentless in their efforts to portray American race relations as having progressed very little since the 1950's; ignoring obvious evidence to the contrary, a black first family occupying the White House.

The NAACP's modus operandi is simple, a one trick pony. Their strategy is to despicably declare every issue and all opposition “racist”.

Along with their daily attempts to brand the tea party racist, here is the NAACP's latest attempt to use race baiting to get out the black vote for Obama in 2012.

Rev. William Barber, president of the NAACP's North Carolina conference said,“We must fight against any attempt to segregate, isolate and steal the black vote.” This is a perfect example of tired old, we shall overcome” 1950's rhetoric. Who on earth is stifling the black vote? If such an initiative were true, wouldn't the Obama worshiping media be all over the story? So, what the heck is this race baiting preacher talking about?

Rev. Barber's statement is nothing more than tried and true words guaranteed to evoke a knee jerk hateful response in brain dead black racist ideologues.

Rev. Barber is responding to states demanding that voters show proper ID, which, surprise, surprise, the NAACP has deemed to be racist.

Can someone please explain to me how requiring voters to confirm they are who they say they are, live where they say they live and are a U.S. citizen has a racial component?

I do see a racial component from the NAACP's point of view. They are, in essence, saying blacks are too stupid to find their way to the DMV and other places to acquire legal ID. One could argue, if blacks are that stupid, why on earth should they be allowed to vote?

I'm being sarcastic, but you get my point. These so called advocates for blacks and other minorities do a tremendous disservice to the very people they claim to care about. Imagine the negative impact on your self esteem when you are constantly told you do not measure up and need standards lowered in order to be successful. The left sends this message to blacks all the time. This is called the Bigotry of Low Expectations.

I have also noticed how the NAACP and others on the left use the Black Church and black ministers to sell liberal political candidates and their socialistic agenda to Black America. This is particularly hypocritical and obnoxious considering the left's disdain for all things Christian and their banning of God from the public square.

Courting the black vote, Hillary Clinton ran to the black church during her presidential campaign. Hillary transformed herself in an instant into Rev. Soul Sista Clinton. Evoking her best attempt at a black dialect, she orated, “I ain't no wheres tired!” The all black congregation erupted with applause.

Imagine what would happen to a white Republican attempting to sound black while addressing a black congregation. Boys and girls, can you say politically tarred and feathered?

Can you believe that cracker trying to sound black”, would be the out cry of outraged black parishioners.

As a life long black PK (preacher's kid), I know from whence I speak when I say ministers are held in the highest regard in the black community. This is why I find it quite despicable every time the left uses black ministers to “herd” blacks into the direction of their socialistic agenda. This tactic is an ungodly betrayal.

Rev. Barber, Rev Sharpton and Rev. Wright to name only a few are nothing more than Liberal Plantation overseers and Black Civil Rights Mafia enforcers; punishing any black who dares to display independent thought, success via conservatism and love for their country.

Black conservatives such as myself are vilified as traitors to our race and even threatened with bodily harm. More often than not, driven by our faith, our goal is to liberate follow blacks from self induced limitations. We strive to open black America's eyes to the reality that they are extremely blessed to have been born in America, the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for ALL who choose to go for it!

Meanwhile, the NAACP and certain so-called black men of God are doing severe damage to their flock. Make no mistake about it, selling racial hatred blended with victim and entitlement mindsets is poison; an anathema to the human spirit, individual success and happiness.

Don Corleone in “The Godfather” movie cautioned his son Michael to expect an attempt on his life. The experience old father added that his son's enemy would use a dear longtime friend as the betrayer.

This same scenario is happening in the black community. The left is using the black community's dear longtime friends to betray them; the iconic NAACP and the highly esteemed black ministry. They are infusing black American with racial hate via race profiteering to sell their anti American socialistic agenda.

Despite their rhetoric, much of the modern day civil rights movement ceased being about black empowerment and freedom many moons ago. Their once noble movement has become all about power and control which is extremely unfortunate.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Update from Wisconsin

A message from Tea Party Express' friend, Tabitha Hale of FreedomWorks:

We had a great first day of rallies to support Governor Walker and the Republican Legislature in the upcoming recall elections. The support was amazing... as was the union backlash. We were greeted by a bunch of red and blue union shirts in Hudson. Several unions were organizing protesters, and they surrounded the bus as we pulled up to the event. There was shouting and chanting. They even brought a tuba to try to drown us out.

Despite the distraction and the counter-organization, the Wisconsinites that were there to support the Republican State Senators made themselves heard. Shouts of "Racists!" and "Go home!" For a group so opposed to outside support, they sure seemed okay with accepting union money from out of state. But I digress.

This is so important, and the people on the ground here know it. We've had great turnout at the rallies, and the people here are fighting the fight!

The Legislature was elected to get the budget under control. They made the cuts and did the work while the Democrat Legislators ran away to Illinois, and the fact that they're being punished is just outrageous. As much as it is the job of the citizens to hold their representatives accountable, it is our job to support the ones who are doing the hard work.

Offer your support!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Campaign 2012: Are We Over “The Black Thing” Yet?

A message from Tea Party Express' own, Lloyd Marcus:

My fellow Americans, in regard to the U.S. presidency, please tell me we are over "the black thing." Can we move past race and gender and simply elect the best American for the job?

Due to liberal media manipulation and guilt, America elected an incompetent black guy as leader of the free world to prove that we are not racist. Obama's black skin has made him untouchable, the left's dream tool to further their socialist agenda. Once America gets over "the black thing", will the liberal media demand we elect Hilliary to prove we are not sexist?

How long will it be before the liberal media demands that we elect our first openly gay/lesbian president to prove that we are not homophobic?

I believe that the novelty of a black guy in the White House is over -- been there, done that, got the historic Obama (false) Hope & Change t-shirt.

I hereby proclaim the season of Presidential Affirmative Action over!

Funny how the liberal media and their far-left buddies deal with blacks and women. You need to understand that the left's progressive/socialist agenda trumps everything. Thus, race and gender are highly effective tools used to further their agenda.

If you are a black liberal, the left gleefully views you as a poor victim of a racist America. Quoting Obama's pastor, Rev. Wright, "Barack knows what it feels like to live in a country controlled by rich white people". The left demands that standards be lowered and government entitlements be gifted.

If you are a black conservative, the left views you as a stupid self hating n***** suffering with Stockholm Syndrome. And yes, the left freely uses the "n" word when referring to black conservatives.

If you are a liberal woman, you are a victim of a sexist America controlled by white male SOBs. If you are a conservative woman, you are a stupid slut.

So, you can understand why my stomach turns when the liberal media and their far-left buddies are lauded for their superior compassion and tolerance for blacks and women.

The left celebrates liberal blacks and women while engaging in the high-tech lynching of conservative blacks and women. It is quite simple, folks. If you are a minority confident enough to be a self-starter and you love your country, you are on the left's excrement list. Leftists embrace only victims. Why? Because it fits their desire to believe that America sucks and is the greatest source of evil in the world.

I realize that what I am about to say will make a lot of folks angry. Well, I am sorry, but it is the truth: black voters behaved like a bunch of racists in the 2008 election. Obama got 96% of the black vote with surveys proving that many blacks were clueless about Obama's intentions and even his running mate. Some black Obama voters thought his VP was Sarah Palin.

Call me crazy, but if it "ain't" right for whites to vote for the white guy because he is white, it "ain't" right for blacks to vote for the black guy because he is black.

Yes, we blacks have suffered greatly in the past due to racism. But, to exploit America's original sin of slavery as a license for black racist behavior is a slap in the face to MLK and all who have sacrificed, suffered, and died to move us forward and together as a nation.

Race-profiteers love to opine about America's racist roots and the eternal debt owed to blacks. They completely ignore the fact that decent, God-fearing Americans corrected those evils. Apparently, these race-profiteers are unaware of the Civil War. Approximately 40,000 blacks died, 320,000 whites died, and 275,200 were wounded fighting to end slavery.

So, America, despite what the liberal media and race-profiteers say, your debt to black Americans is paid in full. You elected the first affirmative action president. Rah-rah, congratulations! Now, can we please, this time around, elect the best candidate for our country?

The presidency of the United States of America is far too important to the world to be decided by silly surface nonsense such as race or gender. Never again can we allow the liberal media to select our president based on whose "turn" they think it is -- Asian, Muslim, gay, lesbian, or whatever.

I am black. I want the best American leading our great country. I want the horrific assault on our freedom called Obamacare repealed! I want a conservative presidential candidate who is well aware of the evil confronting us and is boldly and eagerly up for the battle.

Folks, the left/liberal media will never retire the race and gender cards. Both cards have proven extremely powerful and effective.

The liberal media will always "blame America first." Though powerless over changing the liberal media, we have total power in our response to them: no pandering, appeasing, or fearing them. We must simply ignore their propaganda and defeat them.

The year 2012 is not just another presidential election. It is the most important presidential election in the history of our country. Obama is destroying America, plain and simple. Four more years under the lawless reign of this divisive, evil man will land a serious deathblow to the heart of America as we know it.

We need a hero, folks. Regardless of race or gender, we need the best American in the White House -- someone who is "champing at the bit" to clean up Obama's mess!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American
Vice Chair,

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Libs Bucket of Unelectable Candidates List

A message from Tea Party Express' own, Lloyd Marcus:

I hate to keep sounding like a broken record on this topic, but I must ask. Is Michele Bachmann the NEXT Sarah Palin? Several patriots have said, “I adore Sarah Palin. But, she has been so destroyed in the media, she would be a disaster as our republican presidential candidate”.

Well to all of you who subscribe to this opinion, have you seen the shock and awe campaign launched by the liberal media to destroy Bachmann, since officially throwing her hat into the presidential ring a few days ago?

If Bachmann becomes our nominee, suddenly the liberal media will portray Sarah Palin as the far more reasonable candidate rather than the ultra-conservative idiot nut case, Michele Bachmann.

Should we kick Bachmann to the curb adding her with Palin on the list of unelectable candidates on our side; considered too toxic, too tea party and too conservative to win?

OK, what about Herman Cain? Surely, the liberal media won't attack a black candidate. Wrong! They have already begun making fun of the way Cain speaks. Jon Stewart spun a Cain joke to portray him as a idiot.

If Cain wins the republican nomination, come election day, the liberal media will have branded Cain as the dumbest black man on the planet.

Libs will laugh while parroting the same mantra. “Can you imagine the nerve of those republicans running a stupid self hating Uncle Tom n***** against a brilliant man like President Obama?” It is not over the top to suggest libs will call Cain the “n” word. As a black conservative, they call me it frequently.

Since Cain's black skin will not exempt him from “liberal media destruction”, perhaps we should add Herman Cain to the unelectable list.

OK, who's next? Huntsman? Romney? Here is what the left will say about these guys BEFORE either wins the republican nomination, “They are more palatable than those tea party extremists”.

Folks, my point is whoever wins the republican presidential nomination will be relentlessly and viciously targeted for destruction by the liberal media/Democratic party. Obama is the left's Great Liberal Hope. Thus, they will attempt to politically terminate ANY contender.

The mindset that the tea party must select a liberal-lite milquetoast moderate to appease the liberal media and independents is absurd.

Back in the early 80's, I was clueless about politics. A reporter looked at me as if I had two heads when I told her I loved Reagan. I later learned that I was suppose to hate Reagan because I was black. Liberals told the black community republicans were the KKK without the sheets.

I told the puzzled reporter referring to Reagan, “Every time I hear this man speak, I feel good about myself and my country”.

Patriots, let's go for the gold and select an unapologetic conservative who will speak to ALL Americans without pandering to any group.

I believe there are enough decent Americans of all races who will see through the left's slander campaign; hear and respond to truth, justice and the American way. Quoting Michele Bachmann, “Obama WILL be a one term president”.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Vice Chair,

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Case For Cain

A blog from the Tea Party Express' own, Lloyd Marcus:

Upon the election of Obama, Al Sharpton was asked, “Will the election of a black president confirm that America is no longer a racist country?” In a nutshell, Sharpton replied “No”.

What Sharpton really meant was, “I ain't lettin' white America off the hook that easy. Promoting that blacks are eternal victims of a racist America has been an extremely profitable GREAT GIG over the years. I'm not gonna let a little thing like facts which prove otherwise, stop me from getting' paid.”

Well, despite Sharpton, so-called “civil rights” race exploitation organizations and the liberal media, America has come a long ways baby in regards to “race relations”.

As a matter of fact, as a black man myself, we are actually “in vogue”. Some would say I should feel good about it, but I do not. I long for an America where politicians do what is best for ALL Americans and not pander to any perceived strong voting bloc. As for hiring practices, I believe the most qualified person should get the job...period.

Desperate patriots, wringing their hands in fear, have come to me saying, “Herman Cain MUST be our republican presidential nominee because only another black guy can defeat Obama”.

Wow, who would have ever thought it would come to this; gotta go with the black guy because “black is in”?

Similar to an old time traveling evangelist, Frantz Kebreau is a fine young extremely articulate black conservative, traveling the country passionately preaching his gospel of ending “Identity Politics”.

I could not agree more with Kebreau. I want the best candidate in the White House regardless of race or gender.

Having said that, I believe Herman Cain would be awesome for America.

As former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, Cain is heralded for his extraordinary work saving the failing company. He is also former president of the National Restaurant Association. Cain is obviously a gifted businessman, well armed with common sense solutions to bring America's terminally ill economy back from the brink, courtesy of Obama-nomics.

President Obama views America's economy as a tool to implement social justice, reward his friends, punish his enemies and control our lives. Dear Lord, we have got to vote this despicable man out in 2012.

President Cain would reverse Obama's “liberal utopia fantasy land” anti-business policies.

But, the main reason I believe America needs Herman Cain is his character. Wow, why does that sound so corny?

Could cynicism be the after effect of a U.S. president receiving oral sex by an intern in the Oval Office; a politician using a government driver and vehicle to retrieve bribe money stashed in his freezer during hurricane Katrina and a politician awarded his own TV show after being exposed as a prostitute's client number 9? Have these behaviors by politicians, to name only a few, dumbed down our expectations?

Remember how the liberal media and the Clinton administration covered for him saying any red blooded American male would have accepted a “Lewinsky” from a young woman if given the same opportunity as Bill Clinton?

Think about that folks, they indited your pastor, soccer coach, teacher, father, brother and etc.; in essence saying ALL men are characterless dogs.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Cain or any other candidate is perfect. My point is unquestionably, the bar for standards of behavior in America has been lowered.

Herman Cain carries an air of class, honor and respectability of bygone days which strengthens my confidence that Herman Cain can be trusted to do what is best for America.

I know. I know. Cain got stuck on the question regarding “right of return” in the Arab/Israeli conflict during a TV interview. Thus, you question his knowledge of foreign policy.

Well once again, this is where Cain's character is crucial.

Folks, no candidate knows everything about every issue. This is why presidents have “advisors”. For crying out loud, Obama thinks we have 57 states. Even more scary, Obama is familiar with “right of return” and still came out on the wrong side of the issue against Israel, our ally.

This is why America needs a character driven Commander and Chief like Herman Cain, who once briefed on an issue, will do the right thing.

Also, Cain has no problem or fear about “takin' it to Obama” by challenging his socialist agenda and horrific record which I believe is extremely vital to defeat Obama in 2012.

Recently, I raved about Sarah Palin. While not formally endorsing anyone, I am simply commenting on candidates who I believe possess the “right stuff” for the job of restoring America.

A highly respected tea party activist and former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, I affectionately call Herman Cain Godfather of the Tea Party.

I like Cain so much, I wrote a jingle about him. Enjoy!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Vice Chair,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Operation: Saving Congressman Ryan

A message from Tea Party Express' own, Lloyd Marcus:

What part of “the Paul Ryan Budget Proposal does not affect the Medicare of seniors 55 and older” do democrats and the liberal media not understand? Why would the democrats produce a blatantly lying video ad showing Congressman Ryan pushing granny over a cliff and why would the liberal media allow them to get away with it?

Are the democrats and their lib media buddies intellectually challenged and unable to grasp the concept of “does not”? No, they are co-conspirators in their despicable mission to manipulate, terrify and deceive seniors.

Their distortion of Ryan's Medicare proposal is an example of the evil, democrat/liberal media tag team, juggernaut which challenges us in the 2012 election.

We can not allow these shameless liars to successfully brand Ryan's heroic effort to “SAVE” Medicare as a republican plot to end Medicare and “kill” seniors. Former Obama adviser and far left radical, Van Jones, even compared Ryan's budget to an attack by Al-Qaeda.

Such over the top fear tactics and lies work when not refuted.

Patriots, it is going to take a “all hands on deck” herculean effort on our part to spread the truth about Ryan's plan, countering the Obama machine's liberal media supported lies.

Use your creativity. Shoot and post videos. Gather patriots on street corners and in parks; all chanting the same mantra, “The dems lie! Ryan's budget does not affect the Medicare of seniors 55 and older.”

The bazaar-o world aspect of the Medicare debate is while dems and liberal media attack Ryan, Obama is the one planning to cut 500 billion dollars from Medicare which is repealed in Ryan's plan. Ryan's proposal also repeals Obama's death panels.

My 99 year old black grandmother adores Obama. Little does she know Obama's health rationing panels would deem her a poor investment for certain medical procedures. I envision my grandmother's application rubber stamped, “DENIED” and a federal clerk yelling, “Next!”

Everybody knows Medicare is on the road to bankruptcy. So, why would the democrats set out to destroy, portraying Paul Ryan as the devil's advocate, the one guy making a sincere effort to save Medicare for future generations?

Allow me to offer a lesson in Democrat Compassion 101. It is NEVER about real compassion. It is ALWAYS about superior, “we know best how to run your life” power and control.

In a candid moment, Obama admitted that while it may take 10 years, his ultimate goal is to have all Americans on government run health care. Thus, Medicare failing would be a good thing, a major step toward Obama achieving his goal. It would open the door to Americans embracing government controlled health care which equals surrendering total control of our lives.

Government will decide who lives and who dies, what we eat, what time we go to bed and whether or not you can own a gun. Don't laugh. Gun control was embedded in Hilliary Care.

Last November, we patriots made a promise to our winning tea party candidates. We said, “If you guys go to Washington and hold fast to the reasons we sent you there, WE WILL HAVE YOUR BACKS!”

Congressman Ryan believed us. This brilliant courageous young man stepped up to make “real change”. Ryan's proposal takes on balancing the budget and stopping the bleeding of our economy caused by out of control entitlement and irresponsible spending.

Like a scene out of pro wrestling, the tag team of Mad Dog Lying Democrats and Suck Up Big Liberal Media began attacking Paul Ryan from all sides, ignoring all rules of fair play.

We MUST come to Ryan's defense. Patriot writers, singer/songwriters, bloggers, talk show hosts and etc.; we all must do our part to get the word out. Time to go Paul Revere on the democrat's and liberal media's behinds. “The dems lie! Ryan's budget does not affect the Medicare of seniors 55 and older.”

Though quite formidable, we beat the democrats and Obama's media last November which proves we can beat them again come November 2012.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Vice Chair,

Monday, June 6, 2011

From Amy Kremer To You

A statement from Tea Party Express Chair, Amy Kremer:

On Saturday, I did an interview with Fox News about the tea party movement. As a result of that interview, my comments have been twisted and turned to sound as if I am selling out to the GOP and supporting one candidate. There is nothing farther from the truth. I am sorry for the confusion over my comments, but they have been now taken totally out of context.

First and foremost, as I stated in the interview, for full disclosure, I was/am neutral in the Presidential race and waiting to see which candidates are finally in. Then I will support the strongest viable tea party conservative in the race. No one has my support or the support of Tea Party Express at this time.

Last election cycle, Tea Party Express took on the establishment and worked hard to send true conservatives to Washington. We challenged the Republican party time and time again because we stood on principles and did not waiver. We were not willing to accept any RINO or Obama-lite. We were no longer going to accept what the Republican party was trying to shove down our throats, even supporting Doug Hoffman in the New York special against the liberal Republican. That will not change. No tea party group has taken on the Republican establishment more than we have, and that will not change. We are totally committed to tea party principles of smaller government, less taxes, an end to deficit spending and free markets. Over 99% of tea party organizational support to winning tea party candidates came from the Tea Party Express so no group did more to elect tea party candidates.

In the interview, I stated, "Well, I think that whoever is the Republican nominee, they are going to have to have the support of the tea party movement, the entire tea party movement." This statement is reflective of my confidence in the strength of the tea party movement, which specifically means that I don't think a candidate can win the nomination without our support, much less win the general election.

My point was that the "cream will rise to the top," meaning that a true conservative will gain our support in the primaries and we will work together to defeat Obama. I believe in this movement and the people of this movement. I feel sure that once again, the tea party movement will work hard to send true conservatives to Washington, just like we did in 2010. I don’t believe a Republican can win without the strong support for the tea party movement. So when I say that we will support the nominee, I mean that we will support the nominee because he or she has won the nomination because of tea party support. I didn’t mean we will accept whatever is thrown our way.

In 2012, we have to defeat Barack Obama. This country will not survive another four years of his big government, socialist policies. Look at what has happened in only 2.5 years when Obama knows he has a reelection in 2012. Can you imagine another 4 years of him when there will be no reelection and has nothing to lose? He is the worst President that this country has ever had. We must remove him from the White House in 2012. We are now stuck with Kagan and Sotomayer. If Obama wins and appoints more justices, we will have no chance of turning back the march to socialism.

By the time that we have a nominee, I think the movement will have already spoken loud and clear and the nominee will have received the nomination with the support of the movement. If the nominee does not have the support of the movement, they cannot win the election. I have said that for months and months now and I firmly believe that.

Last election cycle, TPX was kicked and abused because we got involved in the primaries. We were told we needed to stay out of the primaries because engaging in campaign activity was the politically incorrect thing to do in the tea party movement. We jumped in anyway because we did not want to settle for the lesser of two evils in November. Tea Party Express will be doing the same after the presidential debate in September. We will be supporting the strongest and best constitutional conservative that emerges in the field.

While some may doubt the movement, I have full faith in the people across this country and know that we will have a significant impact in the primaries. We proved the strength and power of the movement in the primaries of 2010 and again in November of 2010. I think the same thing will happen again in the primaries of 2012 and again in November 2012.

The bottom line is need to fight like a dog now in order to impact who the Republican nominee will be. The Tea Party Express national bus tour starts on August 20th and we have invited the candidates for president to give us their best shot on how to restore America to strength and prosperity. It culminates in the Tea Party presidential debate on September 12th in Tampa, Florida. I believe this process will start to unify the tea party around the strongest conservative candidates.

Tea Party Express has been the only tea party group that has put our money where our mouth is and supported true conservatives. I can promise you that will not change!

If you want to make a difference, then get involved in the primaries. That is the time to support the true conservative. What have you done to support your true conservative candidate today?

If you haven't seen the entire interview, you can watch it here:

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Memorial Day/Tea Are The World

A Message from Tea Party Express' own, Lloyd Marcus:

A few Memorial Days ago, I was sitting comfortably on my sofa, enjoying salty snacks and a refreshing sweet tea while watching a program honoring our military on TV. Mary would inform me when the charcoals were ready to throw on the steaks. Life was good.

Featured in the TV program was Veteran actor, Charles Durning who was a U.S. Army Ranger during WWII. Durning won the Silver Star for gallantry and was awarded three Purple Hearts for bravery at Normandy.

Despite his remarkable achievements and sacrifices for freedom, still moved after all these years, Durning humbly stood at the podium and wept for his fallen brothers. Wow, do they make real men like Durning anymore?

After the TV program honoring Durning and other American heroes, the following program honored great American conscientious objectors.

Folks, it was quite annoying watching these guys, conscientious objectors, being portrayed as superior human beings while pontificating about the evils of war and why they chose not to participate. I thought, “You guys are free to enjoy success, freedom and spout your crap “in English” because brave men like Charles Durning fought on your behalf. How dare you!”

Debbie Lee is the mom of Marc Alan Lee, the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq. On numerous occasions, Marc stepped up putting himself at risk to defend his fellow soldiers. In response to the death of her decorated son and experiencing first hand the challenges facing the families of fallen soldiers, Debbie Lee founded

Almost a year ago, musicians, singers and bands across America responded to my call to come together to record a song titled, Taking Back America and donate their recorded songs for an album to celebrate America, honor our military and benefit the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice,

The response was overwhelming. From Country music to rap by a black conservative and every genre in between, we selected the best 44 songs from hundreds of submissions. Jo Piazza at FoxNews titled the project, Tea Are The World.

Now, here is the truly heartwarming divine providence aspect of the project. We had no money for recording, manufacturing, distribution or marketing. When asked about such details, my response was, “I don't know?” I felt God only instructed me to put out the call to musicians. He did not fill me in on how it would all come together.

Remember the old Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland movies? In the films a character would say, “Let's put on our own show!” Another character would say, “That's a great idea! My uncle has 500 chairs stored in his garage.” They would rally together and put on an amazing production.

Tea Are The World pretty much came together the same way. Get this folks, around 100 musicians across America flew or drove, on their own dime, to Deltona Records in Florida to record, Taking Back America.

Emmy winning TV producer Norvell Rose informed me that he and his son, Conner, would be coming down from Virginia to attend the recording session to produce a music video and “Making of Tea Are The World” documentary; all for FREE. Both are included on DVD in the Tea Are The World package.

Deltona Records owner, music producer and engineer Frank Starchak is famed for recording Tupac Shakur and numerous other celebrities. Starchak recorded and produced the 100 musicians singing, Taking Back America. Starchak also mastered the 44 song double CD set included in the Tea Are The World package; completely FREE of charge.

Professional distributor, Tom Horn, offered to distribute Tea Are The World FREE of charge.

Singer, Lisa Scott Kelly and Debbie Lee, founder of, shook the trees and found funds for manufacturing; which was our only expense. Everything has been donated.

Rev. Minion told me how his wife Danielle, a professional graphic designer, got involved. Upon hearing about Tea Are The World on the news, Danielle said, “Honey, I feel I am suppose to help these people”.

Danielle Minion designed the Tea Are The World package and promotional materials. She did all of the production artwork work needed to prepare the package for manufacturing. Danielle donated her services FREE of charge.

Now here is the kicker, after Danielle committed to our project, she became pregnant. Of her three pregnancies, this one has been the worst; sick almost very day. Then, Danielle's files of the project became corrupted. Rev. Minion said in Danielle's years in the business, never have so many things interrupted her completing a project.

Folks, I am pleased and grateful to announce that Tea Are The World is completed, beautifully packaged and available for purchase. Praise God.

Please do not think I am dissing other fund raisers. I am simply stating a fact. With some, when the dust clears, as little as 10% goes to the charity. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Tea Are The World go to which benefits the families of our fallen soldiers.

Because of the sacrifices of our military which include brave women and men like Charles Durning and Marc Alan Lee, we are blessed to enjoy Memorial Day cookouts with our families. Please remember the families of our fallen soldiers;

Happy Memorial Day!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Teaing It Up In Vegas To Defeat Obama

A Message From Tea Party Express' Own, Lloyd Marcus

I just returned home to Florida after co-hosting a 3 hour radio-thon in Vegas. We raised funds for the Campaign To Defeat Obama in 2012, of which, I am Vice Chair.

Las Vegas is the epitome of unlimited “outside of the box” anything is possible thinking. I love visionaries. Imagine the guy in a Bellagio hotel board meeting who said, “I realize we are located in a desert, but let's put a 1000 foot fountain out front with water shooting 250 feet in the air dancing to beautiful music!”

Then, there is the guy at the Mirage hotel who said, “Let's put a volcano out front which erupts with fire every hour”. Viva Las Vegas!

I had a wonderful exchange with one of the door men at my hotel whom I will call Joe (not his real name). “Excuse me sir, are you that tea party guy?” I replied, “Yes”. “I thought that was you.”

Joe, who is a union member, gave me the inside scoop regarding the illogical re-election of U.S. Senator Harry Reid. Nevada has high unemployment and ranks number one in the nation for foreclosures. Why on earth would voters re-elect Reid? According to Joe, union thugs bullied members who were not Reid supporters. They also pressured uninterested union members to vote and sent buses to take them to the polls. Joe said the union's intimidation tactics had no effect on him.

I offered Joe a tip for helping with my luggage. Joe said, “No way pal, I ain't takin' your money. I really appreciate what you are doin'”.

Before leaving my hotel room for the radio station, I read an email from a black woman. “Mr Marcus, what is your tea party doing for African-Americans?” I thought to reply, “Absolutely

Why should we pandering to blacks, Hispanics or any other group? We are saving America for all Americans...period!

Then it dawned on me, we are doing something which will dramatically benefit “African Americans”. We are getting rid of Barack Obama in 2012.

Black unemployment rate under Obama is sky high, up to 16%.
In the Washington DC charter school voucher program, black students were testing high winning them national attention. Obama ended the program to appease his faithful voters, the Teachers Union.

The abortion rate among black women far exceeds that of other groups. 50% of black babies are aborted. Obama enthusiastically supports Planned Parenthood and abortion.

So, to the black woman who emailed me asking what the tea party is doing for African Americans, we are performing a major service guaranteed to enrich the lives of not just blacks, but all Americans. We are kicking King Obama out of the Oval Office in 2012.

Special thanks to all of the patriots across the country who called in and donated during our Campaign To Defeat Obama radio-thon. While we were extremely grateful for the larger contributions, I found the twelve and eighteen dollar donations particularly heartwarming.

Such specific amounts imply the callers gave all they could afford. That's great. This is a We The People movement with everyone doing their part and whatever they can.

As I flew out of Vegas headed home, I say goodbye in a way which pays tribute to the late great King of Rock & Roll, Mr. Vegas, “Marcus has left the building”.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Vice Chair,

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sarah Palin, Leader of The Pack

A Message From Tea Party Express' Own, Lloyd Marcus

So, who do I like as our republican presidential candidate in 2012? Parodying the song recorded by The Shangri-Las: “The liberal media is always putting her down (down,down). They said, she came from the wrong said of town. They told us she was bad. Then I knew she was the best we had. That's when I fell for the leader of the pack.” Who am I singing about? Obviously, the one and only Sarah Palin.

Folks, it is a bit too early to go “all in” on any presidential candidate. I really like Herman Cain. But when I think of the one person who appears to be uncontrolled by liberal media attacks; who epitomizes the kind of “in your face” no holds barred approach to attacking Obama's horrific record, we tea party patriots are so desperately longing for, hands down, it is Sarah Palin.

I know. I know. Republican elites and conventional wisdom says, “Be reasonable. Palin is too toxic. She could never win. Pick an electable candidate like Mike Huckabee or Mitt Romney.”

When Obamacare first became law, Huckabee said repealing it would be difficult. He suggested that we try to find some good in it. My mental buzzer went off, “Wrong answer”.

On Limbaugh's radio program, Donald Trump cautioned Paul Ryan to work with the democrats and not be too aggressive about moving forward with his budget proposal. Again, Trump set off my buzzer, “Wrong answer”.

“Working with democrats” ALWAYS means compromising our values, principles and desires. We want conservative representatives with backbone in Washington fighting on our behalf. Yes, the liberal media will portray them as Satan incarnate. But, there's a new sheriff in town called the Tea Party and we have our representatives' backs.

As for Romney, I do not sense a fire in the belly of this man about standing up for conservatism or the Tea Party.

The liberal media is planning a sequel to the McCain/Obama race in which they picked our “moderate” losing candidate.

Once again, the liberal media is telling us who is “too Tea Party” to win and why we should pick a moderate to run against Obama in 2012. The title of the liberal media's sequel is, “Sucker the Conservatives Two: This Time We Really Think You're Stupid”.

Let me tell you what I think about moderates. Even Jesus had a problem with moderates. He said, “You are lukewarm--neither hot nor cold, I will spew you out of my mouth”. In other words, for crying out loud, have the backbone, character and conviction to take a stand for something. The liberal media wants to set us up with another moderate linguine to lose AGAIN!

The 2012 presidential election is going to be all about Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm! Thus, we need a candidate who understands this reality and will boldly go after Obama politically; someone with all American John Wayne true grit committed to tea party principles. So far, our John Wayne is a Momma Grizzly.

As I said, it is a bit too early to formally endorse anyone. Palin may or may not throw her hat into the ring.

Now, regarding the issues, Palin is pretty much on the same page as most of us tea party patriots; drill baby drill, smaller government and etc.

And once again, I must cite her boldness and confidence when espousing her conservative beliefs. You never see Palin dancing around questions from liberal media hacks trying to make her conservative ideas sound mean, heartless, stupid and racist. It is extremely refreshing and encouraging to see someone on our side fearlessly challenging the liberal media!

And what about presidential charisma? In my nationwide travels on four Tea Party Express tours, in which Palin participated, nobody sparked excitement nor struck a stronger emotional chord with audiences at the rallies than Sarah Palin. She is a rock star. The people love her.

I pray that whomever we select as our presidential candidate will grasp the seriousness of the situation in which we find our country. Various potential republican presidential candidates are good people with great conservative ideas to get our country back on track. The most important criteria for a candidate to win my support is a willingness to launch a shock and awe all out assault on Obama's horrific record and terrifying agenda.

Obama has the bully pulpit of the Oval Office, his democrat minions, racist black so-called civil rights groups and a sycophant liberal mainstream media all working in concert for him to be reelected in 2012. America can not survive another republican presidential candidate committed to “playing nice” for fear of being called racist. As they say in AA, “Half measures avail us nothing”.

If Obama is reelected in 2012, America as we know it is over. King Obama must be politically dethroned.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Black Race Pimps: I'm Callin' You Out!

A message from Tea Party Express' own, Lloyd Marcus:

This news story totally infuriated me. Headline: Van Jones’ Political Group Targets 'Celebrity Apprentice'.

Text by Daniel Miller, Reuters “An African-American political advocacy group is targeting "Celebrity Apprentice" star Donald Trump in the aftermath of what many feel are racially tinged political comments made about President Obama.

On Thursday, the organization ColorOfChange launched a Twitter-based campaign to persuade black "Celebrity Apprentice" cast members Star Jones and Lil Jon to denounce Trump for what the group terms "race-baiting."
I am so sick of these racist so-called civil rights groups “bullying” people with “race”. It is an indisputable fact that the liberal mainstream media exempted presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama from the usual vetting process of one seeking to be elected Leader of the Free World. Obama's skin color trumped everything.

Thus, for the first time in U.S. history, we have a president who can not be criticized in any way. “Hear ye, hear ye, all who dare criticize King Obama is automatically guilty of racism and will suffer the consequences!” This is totally absurd and insane.

Obama has been in the Oval Office for two years. Black “race pimps” continue to despicably, without reservation, drive a wedge into the heart of national race relations. Whenever these black race pimps, including the Obama administration, find themselves on the losing end of an argument, they turn it into a racial issue branding the opposition racist.

President Obama would not have responded to Trump's request for him to present his birth certificate unless he felt he had to do it. Obviously, polling data must have confirmed that millions of Americans felt Trump's request was reasonable.

In response to the uppity white boy, who dared question their king, a few black celebrities and black bullies disguised as “civil rights” groups are calling Donald Trump a racist targeting him for destruction. So, are all of the other Americans curious about why Obama was not presenting his birth certificate racist as well? Will somebody please tell these black racist bullies to “stop it and get a life”?

If we are ever to move forward as a nation, we must call out race pimps of all colors.
We do not tolerate “white” skinheads. Nor, should we tolerate “black” racists.

Incredibly, black race pimps feel their racism is OK. It is as if they view America's original sin of slavery as their, “Right to be Racist For Free” card. Using race to bully people into submitting to an agenda is racist; pure and simple.

I watched a black intellectual on TV shilling for Obama. He used a plethora of big words to cover the simple school yard truth that he was a black bully racist, committed to Obama no matter what. Sounding extremely intelligent, the black racist was spouting lies and illogical stupid conclusions. But man, did he sound “smart”.

Liberals do this all the time. They have a basic emotion driven dislike for America and all of the traditions and values which have made is great. They hide their disdain for America under a shroud of intellectual mumbo-jumbo; spouting crazy stupid nonsense which sounds above our ability to understand. I call it, “Intellectual Stupid Speak”.

My fellow Americans, racism is ugly and evil. Most Americans agree and reject it. So, when I see black race pimps like the ColorOfChange using race to bully people, it turns my stomach.

And, something else that truly annoys me. The black community is not a tribe with chiefs dictating our monolithic opinion. I ask that these disgusting race baiting organizations please stop running around proclaiming they speak for “the black community”. I am black. They do not speak for me.

As long as the Good Lord gives me strength, I will call out hate inspiring race dividers. God Bless.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

What's Your Tea Party Story?

A Message from Tea Party Express' own, Lloyd Marcus

I was thinking the other day about the extraordinary chain of events which lead to me being involved in the Tea Party movement. I had been a singer/songwriter for years in the music business. Ten years ago, this led to an Orlando based entertainment company offering me the job of my dreams. Mary and I sold our Maryland home and moved to Orlando, FL.

A few months after our arrival, we realized the job offer was a bust. We were on our own.

We decided to stay and try to make a go of it in Florida because there was nothing waiting for us back in Maryland. It was extremely difficult. I tried to make ends meet by singing wherever I could including biker bars. The whole experience, especially the biker bars, was like going to entertainment school. Folks, trust me when I say, you really want to keep bikers happy.

I also worked construction. One day while working, I heard on the radio that an Orlando radio station was hosting a Troop Support rally. Against the advice of talent agents, I have always been outspoken about my patriotism and gratitude to our military. I called the producer of the Orlando rally to ask if I could perform/sing. Amazingly, this guy who did not know me from Adam said “yes”. It was a God thing. My original, “Celebrate America” was a big hit at the rally.

The Orlando rally led to me performing at a huge Glenn Beck rally for our troops in Tampa. Then, G. Gordon Liddy asked me to perform at his rally for our troops in DC. I was asked to return to DC to perform at a Gathering of Eagles rally for our troops.

At the GOE rally, with several thousands in the audience, their CD player malfunctioned and would not play my accompaniment music. The song was my original 9/11 tribute titled, “United We Stand”. It is a huge production with several backup singers.

When the CD player would not work, someone in the audience yelled, “Sing it without music!”
The situation forced me to perform the song a cappella; slower and heartfelt. The audience was extremely moved. Another, God thing.

Little did I know that Joe Wierzbicki of Our Country Deserves Better PAC was in the audience that day. Joe sent me an email introducing himself and invited me to go on their national Stop Obama Tour.

Later, OCDB PAC asked me to go on their Tea Party Express tour. And the rest as they say is Tea Party history.

So all of this began with me making ten bucks an hour working construction and hearing a commercial about a local troop support rally. God is awesome.

Folks, in my travels on four nationwide Tea Party Express tours, I have heard countless similar stories from patriots about how God orchestrated circumstances which directed them to get involved in our extraordinary divinely inspired movement.

A senior patriot in Buffalo NY told me, “I had both knees replaced. I was stuck at home healing. I've been sick of the liberal garbage in our local newspaper. So, I decided to start a conservative newspaper.” Her newspaper is extremely popular.

I met a patriot who was a former commercial airline pilot. A back injury ended his career. He has always been passionate about the U.S. Constitution and U.S. history. He works full time traveling the country lecturing and speaking at Tea Parties.

Laid off his regular job, a patriot began producing films about tea party issues. He is using his passion for film to save his country. Even though survival has been challenging, he is happy and fulfilled.

A gentleman humbly said, “I am not really involved in the movement. All I do is write letters to Congress, The Senate and etc three hours a day”. Wow, that is what the tea party is all about, everyone doing what they can.

Former democrat House majority leader Nancy Pelosi tried to portray the tea party as heavily corporate funded Astro Turf. Actress Janeane Garofalo said the tea party is a bunch of redneck racists against a black president. The NAACP officially proclaimed the Tea Party racist. Even Obama himself said our tea party movement is motivated by race. All of them are wrong.

We are an ever increasing army of ordinary Americans of all races who love our country. Horrified, we are witnessing Obama's daily assaults on our freedoms, fulfilling his vow to “fundamentally transform America”. Patriots are politically fighting back to save America; following their individual passions and using their gifts and talents in various areas of expertise.

Patriots, what are your tea party stories? What led you to get involved? Inquiring minds want to know. Please share your stories at:

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Obama Calling Tea Party Racist Reveals A Far More Disturbing Reality

A Message from Tea Party Express' own, Lloyd Marcus:

Please consider the validity of what I am about to say rather than having a knee jerk reaction dismissing it as being “over the top”. Folks, we have an irresponsible egocentric evil man occupying the Oval Office.

The democrats and the liberal mainstream media sold the American people on Obama, “the man”. Despite Obama's zero experience at running anything, they said a leader with his spirit and heart was “what we have been waiting for”.

Fearful of criticizing our first black president, politicians politely say, “President Obama's policies have been unfruitful”; while ignoring the huge elephant in America's living room.

The elephant of which I speak and America's major problem is “Obama, the man”; socialist, divisive and evil.

My dad says a snake can stay under water a very long time just like a fish. But eventually, it must come up for air. Why? Because, it is not a fish. It is a snake. Obama continues to come up for air revealing his true self.

President Obama said the Tea Party is racist. The liberal media, NAACP and democrats have been relentlessly promoting this same baseless allegation. When final confirmation comes down from the highest office in the land, the Oval Office, that the Tea Party is racist; the allegation becomes “official” in the minds of millions. President Obama is slandering millions of decent hard working Americans who simply disagree with his progressive/socialist agenda.(News Report)

Obama saying “race is a key component in the tea party protests” is simply a smooth crafty political way of making his point; which is unmistakable. I guarantee Obama's homeys on the left “got it” and cheered and exchanged high fives upon hearing it. President Obama said the tea party is racist; adding fuel to the Left's efforts.

Think of the repercussions. Obama's indictment of the Tea Party will birth tremendous racial discord across America in schools, churches, and etc. Obama's proclamation will cause Americans to double down on their already extreme caution when criticizing our black president. Sadly, I suspect such intimidation is a part of Obama's plan; anything to empower his mission to “fundamentally transform America”.

Make no mistake about it, Obama and company have successfully intimidated many white Americans into not dissing the black president in public.

I stopped in a fast food restaurant for a burger. Around fifteen white seniors were having lunch. I overheard them ranting about Obama's overreaches and socialist policies. Upon seeing me, a black man, they became silent. I was tempted to say, “Please continue, I hold-heartedly agree with you!” Too bad they did not notice my Tea Party Express t-shirt.

Barack Hussein Obama received more votes than any other presidential candidate in American history. So Obama alleging millions of Tea Party patriots are simply upset because America elected a black president is disingenuous, absurd and manipulative.

Obama is exploiting his race and sacrificing national race relations solely to implement his progressive/socialist agenda. Callously and strategically, the president of the United States is pitting millions of black and white Americans against each other. Lord help us, that is pure evil.

Quoting deceased make-up legend, Mary Kay, “Leadership spreads from the top down”.

A fine black young adult whom I have known for years has always appeared to be racially color blind. He idolizes Obama. Suddenly, I have noticed this kid beginning to view everything through a racial lens. His latest absurd statement, “Friends” is a racist TV show because there are no black cast members”.

While I admit this example is anecdotal, I suspect Obama's divisiveness is inspiring millions of Americans to choose sides along racial lines.

Before knowing the facts, Obama immediately assumed the white police officer was guilty of racial profiling in the Professor Gates case. This suggests Obama has racial emotional baggage. Such a luxury can not be afforded the president of “all Americans”. Obama's justice dept has even said due to past racism, they will give blacks a pass in certain criminal situations.

Obama is not who most Americans thought he was and is exactly who the liberal mainstream media hoped he would be; their Great Black Hope for implementing their progressive/socialist agenda.

They will do whatever it takes to protect Obama; ignoring his character flaws, lawlessness, deceptions and lies. If Obama says two plus two equals five, the liberal media will defend it as being the “New Math”. We cannot trust the liberal media to tell us the truth regarding Obama.

Obama's inauguration brought tears to the eyes of millions of Americans. Blacks are only12% of our nation's population, which means it took several million white votes to put Obama in the Oval Office. Thus, most of the American tears of joy were white.

President Obama is fully aware of this truth.

Obama willfully dividing Americans by exploiting his race for political gain is a despicable betrayal of the whites who elected him. But even more disturbing, it reveals the true character of the man running our country. America deserves much, much better.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American